Sinai Day Cycling Festival

In commemoration of Sinai Day and within the framework of cooperation between The Ministry of Youth and Sports and The Ministry of Education, a Cycling Festival for youth aged 14-25 years old will be held in Sharm El Sheikh on Wednesday, March 29th under the auspices of Sinai Governor.

Meeting point will be in the Olympic Village in Hai El Noor at 11:00 A.M. 

Fees for participation are 30 L.E. 

1st place winner will be awarded 1000 Egyptian pounds,
2nd  place will be awarded 900 Egyptian pounds,
3rd  place winner will be awarded 800 Egyptian pounds
4th  place winner will be awarded 700 Egyptian pounds
5th place winner will be awarded 600 Egyptian pounds
6th  to 10th place winner will be awarded will be awarded 100 Egyptian pounds.

N.B: There must be a bike with each contestant.

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