Quarterly Assessment

Quarter Assessments
Grades 3 through 12 - Quarterly and final exams will be given at the end of each quarter. Projects may be assigned in lieu of a quarterly exam. Projects may be cooperative or individual and students will be given plenty of time to research the topic as well as a rubric for assessment. 
The Mid Year Exam will cover material all topics taught during quarter 2 as well as a percentage of the material covered in quarter 1. 
The End of Year Exam will include all material from the 4th Quarter as well as a percentage of the 3rd Quarter material. 
These quarter exams are assessments that test the student's skills and measure their progress. Study guides and details can be found below.

KG 1, KG2, Grade 1 and Grade 2 - Mid Year Assessment as well as an End of Year Assessment to measure the student's progress and highlight areas in need of improvement.

Student who leave school before the exams are given may be penalized 20% of the quarter grade. Credit is not issued when students do not complete the semester. Students and parents are reminded that a minimum of 50% on the final exam is required to pass the course. If a student is not successful on his / her exam, additional classes may be required. 
Exam Week Information
Student Exam Instructions  (click here for Arabic version)

The following instructions must be followed closely, any violations to the following rules will result in the answer sheet being strictly corrected by the administration.

Instructions as follow:

Only blue pens are allowed.
•No ink or erasable pens.
•Line the answer sheet, but using pencils only (No doodling on the papers).
•If instructed the questions must be answered in the answer sheet in order, each question in a separate page. For example:  (Question 1 ---  Paper one).
•Don`t leave blank pages between the answers.
•Don`t use the corrector pen.
•Only one answer must be given to multiple choice or True or False questions, otherwise, the answer will be made void
•No names inside the answer papers.
•No drawings, no lines, no signs, or any unnecessary words in the answer papers.
•Don`t use any unfamiliar sentences or introductions.
•Don`t put lines under the answers or using any signs in the composition.
•Don`t over cross the wrong answers and just put an X on it using the blue pen.

•Students should be present half on hour before the exam starts. Those who arrive after exam has started will not be allowed to sit for the exam.
•N.B. Seat numbers must be presented before all exams. Please do not loose as this is your test ID.
All students must wear their school uniforms during the exams time, 
ONLY Egyptian students need to attend the Arabic, Religion and Social Studies Arabic exams on scheduled dates.  Please pick up your child at the end of the exam. International Students should stay at home.
•N.B. It is forbidden to bring to the examination room. (mobiles, MP3’s, I pods or any electronic appliances) or else the examination paper will be canceled. Thank you.   
•Students should be picked up by their parents after the exam time finishes. The school is not responsible for the safety of any student after the stated times.
•The exam dates and holidays were decided by the Ministry of Education, any amendment or changes that may occur will be through the ministry of Education, and you will be directly informed
•GRADE 9 Students -  The Arabic, Religion and Social Studies Arabic exams will be held in the Fayrous School. There will be NO TRANSPORTATION provided.

Exam Schedule and Study Guides
Study Guides and Exam Schedule