Students are expected to behave, both inside and outside of the school, in a manner which will reflect the good values they have learned at home and at school. Students are expected to behave in a responsible manner and to exhibit courtesy towards teachers, staff members and their classmates. 

Respect for self; Respect for others; and Responsibility for all your actions.

Maintaining a good environment in school:
  • Students have to keep their classrooms, corridors and playgrounds clean.
  • Students have to walk quietly around the school.
  • Any violation of the courtesy code will be enforced as outlined in the St. Joseph’s Private Language School’s Discipline Plan, (click here to download)

School Property:
  • Students must not misuse or damage school property or facilities. Payment for repair or replacement will be charged.
  • Students must not scratch or write on school furniture, walls or buildings. Payment for repair or replacement will be charged.
  • Students must take good care of all library books. If a book is lost, misused or torn, payment for replacement will be charged.

  • Students in grades 6 through 12 are required to bring their personal tablet to school each day. See Technology plan for details on restrictions of use during the school day.
  • The school will not be responsible for the loss of any mobile phone or tablet.
  • Chewing gum is strictly forbidden at school.
  • Personal mp3 players are not allowed in the school.
  • Students are not allowed to bring dangerous items to the school such as penknives, guns or other devices that may be destructive to the school population.
  • No toys, skateboards or footballs are allowed at school. If such items are brought to school they will be confiscated.
  • ممنوع إحضار التليفونات المحمولة إلى المدرسة وفى حالة إحضار التليفون المحمول إلى المدرسة سوف يتم مصادرته وتسليمه إلى ولى الأمر شخصياُ.
  • المدرسة غير مسئولة عن ضياع أو فقدان أى تليفون محمول.
  • غير مسموح بإحضار أجهزة الكاسيت والوكمن ومشغلي الأسطوانات إلى المدرسة.
  • غير مسموح باحضار أى ألعاب قد تعرض حياة الطلاب ومباني المدرسة للخطر.
  • غير مسموح بإحضار الألعاب الي المدرسة مثل كرة القدم ولوح التزحلق و اذا وجدت هذه الألعاب بصحبة الطلاب سوف يتم مصادرتها.

One of the following sanctions may be imposed by the teacher for the violation of the school rules and regulations inside the classroom:
  • Verbal Warning
  • Written warning in link book
  • Excluding from part of the break, then the entire break, detention, after notifying the school coordinator. This punishment will also be recorded in the link book.
  • Excluding from one of the activities for one week (music, PE, trips, etc). The Head of Discipline will  be informed beforehand and the punishment recorded in the link book.
  • For more serious offenses, the teacher will refer the student to the school supervisor.

Students have an opportunity to express their side of the story, as well as the teacher, so that administration can make a fair, unbiased decision. Based on the problem, there is a succession of punishments outlined in the plan. Disciplines may include detention, in-school suspension, Saturday suspension, out-of-school suspension and expulsion depending on the severity and number of occurrences the same behavior is exhibited.  The Discipline Plan  is  available for your review.

NOTE: Students who are absent are responsible for all missed work, including quizzes and tests. Attendance,  Class work and Homework grades are marked as follows:

  •     IN SCHOOL SUSPENSION , they will receive 0 points for attendance, classwork. Any Quizzes scheduled will be taken. They will also receive a 0 for homework until the material is turned in.
  •    OUT OF SCHOOL SUSPENSION, they will receive 0 points for attendance, classwork and Quizzes.  They will also receive a 0 for homework until the material is turned in.

See click here  for details of the school’s discipline plan.