Class Tardy Policy

A student is tardy if not completely inside the assigned room 3 minutes after the bell rings. Teachers may require a more strict definition.
Note: This policy applies to arrives in the classroom, ready for instruction, not for arrival at the school. 
The faculty and staff of S.J.A.S. recognize that student achievement is directly dependent on timely and consistent daily attendance. Tardiness not only interferes with the student’s education, but also represents a behavior trait which will adversely affect the student’s success in life. Being on time to class is an act of courtesy toward the teachers, staff and other students. Students must understand the importance of developing the habit of punctuality. There must be consequences for tardiness, but there must also be a strong effort by each person in our community to help students get to class on time.
The tardy policy at S.J.A.S. is designed to promote better student achievement by:
 1) Encouraging students to be on time to class.
 2) Reducing the amount of instructional time lost to interruptions caused by students who arrive late to class.
 3) Involving students, parents, and staff as partners in finding solutions to student punctuality problems.

Students who are tardy are subject to the following consequences:
Tardy # 1:  Warning, counseled by teacher.
Tardy # 2:  Warning, counseled by teacher.
Tardy # 3:  Teacher assigns detention for 1 break.
Tardy # 4:  Teacher assigns detention for 1 break.
Tardy # 5:  Teacher assigns detention for 2 breaks.
Tardy # 6:  Teacher completes Student Behavior Form & sends student to Superintendent. Superintendent assigns a afterschool detention & makes parent contact.
Tardy # 7 and beyond:  Recycle through the procedures for Tardy #1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.