General Rules

Rules for High School Students (Grade 10 – 12):
  1. High School students are expected to wear the school uniform, which consists of the uniform shirt / polo shirt with logo(available for purchase at school) , and a pair of jeans. Jeans must  be decent, with no holes or excessive ornaments on them; they can be of a dark or light blue color.
  2. Flip-flops or sandals are not allowed to be worn by the High School students. Trainers or other closed toe shoes are acceptable, as long as they are not too flashy.
  3. Boys should have their hair cut short and neat.
  4. Girls with long hair are required to tie it back in a ponytail or other hair arrangement, looking neat.
  5. No make-up, nail polish or excessive jewelry (especially dangling earrings) are allowed at school.
  6. High School students are expected to exercise the rules of personal hygiene on a daily basis, but especially on days when P.E. lessons are scheduled. P.E. uniform is a must (white T-shirt + long shorts or track suit bottom in dark colors).
  7. High School students have to realize that the grades they earn in High School appear on their transcripts, which is needed when applying to colleges and universities. The schoolwork, in general, accounts for 40% of their evaluation when entering higher education. Therefore, they are expected to perform academically and behavior wise at a high level at all times. They cannot afford to do badly at school.
  8. All the High School students, along with the rest of the school, are expected to be punctual and attend the morning Line-up.
  9. Being tardy must be kept to the absolute minimum, as the number of late arrivals  as well as absences can significantly lower the grades.
  10.  Skipping classes is not acceptable. Students who skip classes without a legitimate reason will have to bear serious consequences. Parents will be called for a meeting with the school administration.
  11.  All the High School students are expected to actively participate in all school events as it will count towards their overall evaluation.
  12. Students in grades 7 through 12 are required to bring their personal tablet to school each day. See Technology plan for details on restrictions of use during the school day.
  13.  All the High School students are required to look after the school property, i.e. furniture, lockers, computer lab and multimedia room equipment, etc. Any damage to any of the mentioned above will be charged to the student responsible.
  14.  High School students are supposed to set a good example to younger fellow students, therefore, they should behave in a mature and responsible way in accordance with the school policy. They should also portray good image of the school outside the campus and be proud to be members of the St. Joseph’s School community.
  15.  All High School students are required to have a Portfolio in which they collect all their quizzes, tests and project work. The portfolio will be kept by the subject teacher
  16. Students will be issued Warning Notices a month before a quarter is finished with all the missing work listed. Parents will be given the Warning Notice during Parents’ Meetings. If a parent doesn’t attend Parents’ Meeting he/she will be called to come to school and collect the Warning Notice.
  17. Before the end of each quarter students will be issued a Missing Assignments Sheet with missing work listed and time given to complete the work. If the work is not completed within the allocated time the student will receive a 0 for the work not completed. 
  18. No student is allowed to leave the school campus before scheduled time without permission and a Gate Pass slip obtained from the school administration. If students must leave the school earlier, parents are required to contact the school administration.
  19. Long absences from school, especially unexcused, will not be accepted and will significantly lower the students’ grades. Attendance of SAT courses in Cairo is not considered excused. High School students will be allowed 1 day off after the SAT exam to travel back from Cairo, but only upon presentation of SAT Admission Ticket. If a student is ill, doctor’s certificate is required.
  20. Review the school Discipline Plan, Technology Plan, Tardy and Absence Policies for further details