Dress Code

  • All students are required to wear the school uniform daily; Students who arrive out of uniform will not be allowed to enter the school property.
  • The Head of Discipline will be responsible to perform a daily check of the students’ adherence to this rule.
  • The school uniform consists of official pants (or skort) and shirt purchased from the school with the St Joseph logo. During cold weather all sweaters or cover-ups should be the regulation style or a solid blue color without a logo or insignia.   ONLY students in grades 10, 11 and 12 are allowed to wear jeans along with the regulation top.

School uniform is a must. PE uniform is a must
المشرف العام للمدرسة مسئول عن التأكد من ارتداء التلاميذ للزى المدرسي.
  • On days PE is scheduled for your child’s class, the students are allowed to wear their official PE uniform. No sandals are allowed. 
  • Girls with long hair must have it neatly tied up.
  • Boy’s hair must be cut short and neat.
  • Only a wristwatch is allowed and stud-earrings for girls who have pierced ears.
  • Nail polish is strictly forbidden.
  • Periodic inspection of students will be made to ensure the general tidiness of the uniforms. 
  • Shorts are not allowed