American High School Diploma:
The American High School Diploma is equivalent to Egyptian High School Diploma by the Egyptian Ministry of Education decree No.155 for the year 2004. As such, students are eligible to apply for Egyptian universities within the 5% admissions reserved for international schools and foreign students. Students are also eligible to apply for American universities or universities of any other country.

Students are obliged to study a number of subjects during grade 11 and 12 school years which are recorded on their high school transcript. All graduates must also take SAT 1 (Mandatory) and SAT 2 (optional).

The curriculum and textbooks are American and instruction is in English with the exception of foreign languages (French & German) and Arabic. We provide a broad, well balanced course of study which promotes academic, moral and artistic development. The curriculum is evaluated on an on-going basis to assure that it meets the needs of our student population. The Egyptian Ministry of Education recognizes the American High School Diploma as meeting the requirements for the general secondary certificate of education.

Class size:
The student-teach ratio is 1:10 which allows teachers to focus on individual needs and strengths. Small classes allow teachers the flexibility to work with each student individually. Each student’s strengths and weaknesses are identified, corrected and developed fully. Credit is given for all efforts inside and outside the class. Teachers develop their lesson plans to suit each child’s different learning style.

Arabic is offered from the elementary to the high school level in an integrated program that prepares both native and non-native speakers to communicate fluently both orally and in writing.

Elective Learning Activities / Fine Arts Exploration:
These activities take place on a designated day each week. They are one hour long and are taught by teachers who have a special interest in that activity. Examples include: Drama, Journalism, Art, Dance, Fashion Design, Music, Science, etc.
Please see each grade for a complete list of subjects taught at each grade level.

Grade 9
Grade 10
Grade 11
Grade 12