Student Evaluation

The evaluation system for students’ class work is set by SJAS is based upon the school’s philosophy statement. Students are evaluated on an ongoing basis with daily class work, behavior, homework, quizzes and tests. Quarterly examinations are given at the end of each marking period. Failure to pass the final exam may result in the student repeating the course or even the year.

Students’ work is evaluated according to the quality and quantity of work presented. Other aspects are also assessed such as interpretation, application, originality, initiative and reasoning. Moreover, the positive participation of the student in class will be reflected on his grades. .

Students in Grades 7 to 10 will be evaluated 3 times a year through the Measurement of Academic Progress (MAP™) standardized testing. This testing measures academic growth over time and provides educators with information to guide instructional planning and school improvement. For more information about the MAP test, please see the school’s website Students in Grades 11 and 12 are evaluated on their SAT scores.

Four reports are issued each academic year – one report at the end of each quarter. The main objective of reports is to inform the student and the parent of the progress the individual student has made in class. It is hoped that this accurate and objective reporting to the student and parent will encourage the student to make use of his/her educational opportunities to the best of his/her abilities.

Grading System:
  A: Outstanding Achievement
  B: Good Achievement
  C: Satisfactory Achievement
  D: Minimum Achievement
  P: Pass
  F: Below minimum achievement (course must be repeated)
  I: Incomplete (Missing required course work due to an acceptable reason. Student will be given a reasonable period of time to remove the Incomplete)

Making the Grade:
The school year is divided into four quarters (two months each). At the end of each quarter, students receive a report card. The report card contains the grades earned for each subject as well as an indication of the student’s effort in the class.

High School (Grades 7-12):
Students are checked regularly by their teachers for the proper performance. If a student is at risk of failure, the teacher will send a warning notice to the parents at the quarterly parent teacher’s conference (approximately one month before the report card is released). School Administration contacts parents immediately when there is a significant change in the student’s academic or behavioral performance.

In evaluating students at risk for failure, all teachers will take the following steps:
  1. Teachers will identify students’ academic difficulty
  2. Teachers will attempt to address the issues using appropriate classroom strategies
      a. Discuss the issue with student
      b. Evaluate alternative learning strategies
      c. Discuss issue with parents through the School Administration team.
  3. Teachers will refer the student to the counselor to develop additional strategies
  4. The School Administration team will arrange a meeting among parents, students and teachers to discuss an Individual Educational Plan (IEP)
  5. Students receiving two or more F’s at the end of the semester will be placed on Academic Probation and parents will be notified of the problem.
  6. Students on Academic Probation will be placed on a formal monitoring program.

Homework is an integral part of the educational process. As such, we put great emphasis on the work children have to do at home. Parents are kindly requested to ensure that homework is completed on time.
If a student fails to do his or her scheduled homework for two recurrent days, marks will be deducted from the grades without prior notice. If failure to do homework is recurrent, the parent will be called by the administration team for consultation about their child.

Homework Guidelines:


Approximate time required

Grades 7-9

2 ½ - 3 ½ hours

Grades 10-12

3 ½ - 5 ½ hours

يجب على كل تلميذ أداء الواجبات المدرسية مع متابعة ولى الأمر لها.
في حالة عدم قيام الطالب بأداء الواجبات المنزلية سوف تقوم المدرسة بالكتابة لولى الأمر.
في حالة عدم أداء الواجبات المدرسية لمدة مرتين متتاليتين سيتم اسثقطاع درجات من الدرجات الشهرية دون انذار.
فى حالة تكرار عدم اداء الواجبات المدرسية لأكثر من مرتين سيتم استدعاء ولى الأمر لمناقشة الأمر.

All grades are kept by the subject teacher. In case of low grades, parents will be notified and called for consultation with school administration and the teacher.

Quizzes and Tests: 
Quizzes should be given at least once a week with a test scheduled 2 times a month. These should be graded and discussed as soon as possible (next class).

Missed Assignments: 
Students absent are responsible for all missed work, including quizzes and tests. Attendance, Class work and Homework grades are marked as follows:
  • ABSENT WITHOUT AN EXCUSE, they will receive 0 points for attendance. They will also receive a 0 for all class work ,homework, and quizzes until the material is turned in.
  • ABSENT WITH AN EXCUSE, they will not be penalized for absence. They will receive a 0 for all class work ,homework, and quizzes until the material is turned in. Excused absence form is available at the end of this booklet.
  • These should be graded and discussed as soon as possible (next class).

Quarter & Final Exams:
Quarterly and final exams for grades 4 through 12 courses will be given at the end of each quarter. Projects may be assigned in lieu of a quarterly exam. Projects may be cooperative or individual and students will be given plenty of time to research the topic as well as a rubric for assessment.

Student who leave school before the exams are given may be penalized 10% of the quarter grade. Credit is not issued when students do not complete the semester. Students and parents are reminded that a minimum of 50% on the final exam is required to pass the course. If a student is not successful on their exam, additional classes may be required. 

يجب ان يتجاوز الطالب نسبة 50% فى امتحان اخر العام واذا لم يتجاوز النسبة المطلوبة سوف يتم حضور دورة صيفية لاجتياز الامتحان

Final Grade for the Year:
Final grade for the year is based on the average of the four quarter periods (80%), plus the final exams (20%). GPA is based on the average of all final grades from each subject area. Failure to pass the course may result in repeating the year.

College Entrance Requirements:
Students who graduate from SJAS meet all graduation requirements for the American High School Diploma. Students are expected to complete 3 years of the American Curriculum which includes English, Math, Science and Social Studies each year. This also includes intensive preparation for the SAT. SJAS graduates are prepared for admission to Egyptian universities, universities abroad, as well as the American University in Cairo. In Egypt, universities rank students based on their Grade Point Average and the SAT scores.

In accordance with the last amendment in the Egyptian Ministry of Education decree No. 155 for the year 2004, students must attend Arabic, Religion & Civics according to the ministry’s curriculum. They will sit for official exams under  the supervision of Ministry of Education personnel. According to this amendment, students will not be accepted in the university unless they pass the Ministry of Education exams. Grades from the Ministry of Education exams do not count towards a students’ GPA.