School Communication

SJAS believes that keeping an open channel of communication between the school and parents will add to students’ success. There are different approaches to communicate with the school:

  • School Website Our revamped website includes notices to parents , each subjects daily homework as well as many other items of information – check it out daily! 
   School notices will be attached to the school’s website and will be posted on the school bulletin boards as well. It is suggested that parents check the website weekly.
سيتم ارفاق جميع المراسلات على البريد الالكترونى للمدرسة وايضا على لوح الاعلانات داخل وخارج المدرسة

  • Communication between parents and teachers 
        o Email Via the school website, a massage system has been added to allow parents to contact the school as necessary. 
        o Appointments with the management and teachers are also welcomed. Appointments are arranged through the Administration Office, 0100-210-8165, 0100-210-8164 or the Reception Desk. Visits other than at scheduled times are not possible.
فى حالة وجود أى استفسار أو معلومات فالمرجو من سيادتكم الاتصال بالمدرسة لتحديد موعد المقابلة مع الادارة او المدرس المسئول.
        o Parents’ Meetings: These are good opportunities for the parents and the teachers to discuss the academic progress of the student and solve any problems that may arise.
        o Progress Reports: Warning notices and missing assignment sheets are sent home midway and towards the end of each quarter. These allow the parents to know the progress of their child prior to the official report card.
        o Report cards: Sent home at the end of each quarter, these indicate the progress of your child. They should be signed by the parents and returned to the school management as soon as possible.

  • Usage of School Telephone: The school telephone is to be used only in emergency cases. No student is allowed to call home because he/she has forgotten his/her homework, meals, or PE uniform, etc. In case of emergency, the school administration will call the parents.