KG is a fast-paced year, with learning based on group activities, and knowledge built on previously mastered skills. Missing any lessons leaves your child unprepared for the following lesson and learning material. This makes children feel confused and less confident.  Make school attendance a priority with your child, to ensure his/her success.
  •   Student attendance is checked every day.
  •   Sick students should present a medical certificate from a doctor.
  •   When a child has been absent for more than 5 days, without notification, the parents will be called for consultation.
  •   Pre-acknowledged absences should be dealt with directly with the school administration. The Excused Absence Form should be completed by the parent and submitted to administration.  Homework packets will be available the next day from the school reception and is due on the day the student returns to school.
  •   It is the parents’ responsibility to make sure that the student has done his/ her homework and that the lessons taught during the absence period are covered.
  •    No student will be allowed to go out of school during school hours except to see a doctor. Parents wishing to travel during school time should keep the student at home that day or delay the travel time till school hours are finished.
  • Excessive absences may result in the child repeating the grade level during the next academic year.

إن الانتظام في الحضور للمدرسة مهم جدا للعملية التعليمية ولكن في الحالات الآتية:

  • الغياب المرضي  : يجب تقديم شهادة طبية .
  • الغياب المتكرر لأكثر من خمس مرات : سيتم ارسال انذار وسيتم استدعاء ولى الأمر لمناقشة أمر الغياب المتكرر.
  • الغياب بأذن : يتم ابلاغه لادارة المدرسة وتقع على ولى الأمر مسئولية التوجه لاستقبال المدرسة للحصول على الواجبات المدرسية خلال فترة الغياب وملء نموذج التعهد بأداءها واستذكار كافة الدروس التى سيتم تغطيتها خلال فترة الغياب على أن ينم تقديم الواجبات في يوم رجوع الطالب للمدرسة.
  • في حالة الرغبة في السفر الي القاهرة علي ولي الأمر أن يرسل الطالب للمدرسة في ذلك اليوم أو يؤجل ميعاد السفر الي بعد مواعيد المدرسة
·       في حالة الرغبة في السفر الي القاهرة علي ولي الأمر أن يرسل الطالب للمدرسة في ذلك اليوم أو يؤجل ميعاد السفر الي بعد مواعيد المدرسة.
Punctuality is expected of all students.  The parents or the guardian must escort the student arriving late to school and proceed with the student to the administration.
  • The school gates close at 9:00 am. Any student arriving after that time will be considered LATE.
  • A Tardy Pass will be given to the students who arrives at school accompanied by their parent.
  • Parents of children who arrive late more than three times will receive a letter of concern and a meeting with Administration may be required.

If a student needs emergency medical care or first aid, medically qualified staff will provide the required services IF PRE APPROVED by the parents, and, if necessary, call the parents to come and pick up their child.  If a student has a headache or stomach ache, medication will be offered ONLY IF PRE-APPROVED by parents. Please make sure that the student update information / medical form has been returned to the school.

Should your child be ill, and require prescribed medicine from your own doctor, please feel free to send it to class, with exact instructions on time and dosage. Please use the LinkBook for this. 

Similarly, if you would not like your child to participate in outdoor games/garden periods, due to illness, please inform us through the LinkBook.

If your child is infected by any contagious disease (measles, chicken pox, flu, head lice, etc.) he / she will not be allowed to enter the class until he/ she has been cleared by a doctor. This is for all the benefit of all the children and staff.