KG Department Grades

My Week at School is sent home to inform parents of their child’s weekly curriculum and behavior. Please sign and return to the class teacher. Students are assessed through a variety of means against developmental and academic benchmarks. Each quarter, parents will receive a quarterly report of their child’s measurement of success. School administration will contact parents immediately when there is a significant change in the student’s academic or behavioral performance. 

Textbooks and Supplies:
After payment of yearly book fee, textbooks and workbooks are given by the school for use during the school year. FOR AMERICAN SECTION ONLY - All books are to be returned at the end of the year. If a student’s or a library book is lost, reimbursement must be made before the final report is given. A list of stationery and required supplies at each grade level is available from homeroom teachers at the beginning of the year. Students must purchase these supplies at local stationers.

بعد دفع قيمة الكتب المدرسية السنوية يتم اعادتها بعد انتهاء العام الدراسى بما فى ذلك كتب اللغة الالمانية والفرنسية. اذا تم فقد اى كتاب يتم دفع قيمته قبل الحصول على شهادة نهاية العام