Community Service

Community Service is an activity you do that benefits to the community as a whole. Examples might be, picking up trash along a roadway, collecting aluminum, selling it, and giving the proceeds to the Orphanages, helping to cook food at a homeless shelter, being a volunteer tutor for a local school, donating blood at a blood drive.  Community service is important as it brings the community together in helping us learn that others do care about our neighbors no matter where they live. It also unites the community in knowing what is needed, how to fix what is needed, and where to go when fixing is needed.

Starting from grade 9 up to grade 12, we assign Community Service as the students are fully aware and responsible enough to participate.

Some of the projects that have been done over the past few years are:

1- Sea Shepherd Travelco Marina Beach clean up yielding 9,000 kg of debris.
2- A Bake Sale: the students collected foods and beverages to sell during the Turkey Shoot event with the proceeds donated to the Children’s Cancer Fund  57357.
3- Sports Day: The students assist in crowd control and held a Bake Sale for charity.
4- Race for Life: the students helped by encouraging the racers and collecting approximately 3000 LE for the children with cancer 57357.
5- KG Parties: the students of community Service helped with keeping order, escorting parents to classrooms, presenting the parties and guiding parents to the mini- Book Fair which was held in the KG area.
6- Art Exhibition: Community Service students assisted by guiding parents through the Exhibition area.
7- Posters: promoting school cleanliness, lost and found items, football matches, and Spirit Week activities.
8- Photographs: the Community Service students take photos and videos at all the school events.

Community Service Requirements for Each Grade:

* No more than 25% of the required community service hours may be served on campus. This minimum required community service hours per grade level are:

Grade                      Required Hours

Grade 9                                                               25 hours
Grade 10                                                             25 hours
Grade 11                                                             25 hours
Grade 12                                                             25 hours

The school administration and the American School Principal assign portions of the final grades  for the Community Service as motivation to urge students to share and  participate. By giving a helping hand to people in need they are able to discover their own hidden talents and potentials.