Fine Arts
Elective Learning Activities / Fine Arts Exploration:
These activities take place on a designated day each week. They are one hour long and are taught by teachers who have a special interest in that activity. Examples include: Drama, Journalism, Art, Dance, Fashion Design, Music, Science, etc.

Field Trips

Each grade level has opportunities to explore the Sharm El Sheikh area through field trips. While the student think they are just having fun, authentic learning is also taking place as they learn how to speak English in many different settings, experience different lifestyles, and observe the natural resources of South Sinai. Over the years, the students have had the opportunity to attend AVEX, boat trips, water parks, national parks, Bedouin life styles and desert living to name just a few.

End of Year Party

Students, with an interest in drama and dance, are given an intensive seminar in the production of a multi-act party. Managed by Mr Hassan, over the years they students have learned how to perform regional folk dances, listen to famous singers throughout history, reflect on the changes of the political government within Egypt. All students and staff participate in some small way to produce a flamboyant extravaganza that brings enjoyment to friends and parents.