Art Competition Deadline - 14 December

Grades 1:6 - Creative art
Only art papers allowed.
Minimum size 24 cm X 34 cm.
A maximum size 35 cm X 50 cm.
Only pencils and colors (of all types) are allowed.

Grades 7:12 - Landscape – portrait
Only art papers are allowed.
Minimum size 24 cm X 34 cm.
Maximum size 35 cm X 50 cm.


Class Photos, SJIS appointed a professional photographer to take class photo as follows: Collective Class Photo Individual student photo in addition to 8 personal photos size 4x6 The cost is 55 LE School will display samples of photo in the school reception Deadline to pay for photos is Wednesday 13th December, 2017 at the school account. Photos will be taken on Thursday 14th December. 2017. The students must wear school uniform, even if PE day.


Important information about Ministry of Education mid-year exams. Click here for details.

Welcome To St. Joseph's Private Language School

At St. Joseph’s, we believe that education is a partnership between educators, parents and students. As partners in a collaborative process, we feel it is important that the parents and the school communicate frequently and effectively.

This website is one avenue to promote such communication. As you browse through the site, I hope that it answers any questions you may have about our school. This website has replaced our parents’ handbook (KG parents handbook) but continues to describe the rules and procedures we have adopted over the years to ensure the smooth operation of the school.

We look forward to a productive, fulfilling and successful time together.

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This Month at the School

December, 2017
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